I am a USC film student

After today's event, I truly feel like I am a USC film student.

Today was the dedication of the George Lucas/Steven Spielberg buildings as well as a Welcome Back Reception.

Steven Spielberg Building

George Lucas Building

At 2pm Barb and I arrived in our fabulous dresses and mingled our way to find more grad students in our program. One student, an undergrad, told us the ins and outs of the program. He was quite helpful!

The food was fantastic. This raspberry tea blew everyone away and the brownies were a tiny square of sunshine!

All of us film students stood in a circle imagining what it would be like to see the two men of the hour. First George Lucas would open a window above the courtyard and proclaim "Welcome my people!" Following this a loud cracking noise would produce Steven Spielberg swinging from one side to the other, Indiana Jones hat in hand. This would be their entrance.

Unfortunately this was not the case. Neither one showed up to the opening of the buildings they spent $175 million on. Maybe it's for the best though...I'm not sure if some of us grad students would be able to handle being in their presence. Not yet atleast!

In the courtyard. The stage is between the two plants.

Music from various movies and television shows filled our ears as we chatted. Then came the dedication. I filmed a bit of the dedication -- check it out:

the voice you hear is the dean's

After the cutting of the ribbon, the doors of the buildings were opened and we were allowed to explore. Barb and I had already been throughout most of the building -- we cheated -- but decided to go with our fellow classmates through the new halls.

All the way on the fourth floor -- the top -- is the film and tv production floor. Our floor. We went to all of our teachers and advisers rooms. Cool! We saw sporadic sitting areas in various corners and walkways -- each adorned with a huge HD television. Awesome! And finally the Dean's lair. We saw her massive board room and sat in its chairs. At least I can say I was there!

While viewing the scenery off of one of the balconies, two men joined beside me. I asked what they thought of the view. And a conversation was started! It turned out that these two men had worked for ABC and NBC shortly after the stations split over 50 years ago but still knew each other. Craig Curtis, an editor, had worked with Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. Yes he edited that movie! Both men offered Barb and me advice, including stick with your friends at the school.

Here is where I must explain the USC Mafia...or the USC Family for better words. If you are a USC film student, you have connections with many more and they like to stay in the family. We take care of each other. This older man, from the Class of '50, mentioned this idea and assured us it was the truth!

It was that moment that I realized I was really truly apart of something huge. Now that I was a USC film student, so many more opportunities will come my way and so many more wonderful people will be a part of my life.

I must say we already have a USC clique amongst us Spring Admits. There's about fifteen of us that have bonded in 24 hours time and friendships are certainly blossoming (awwww). Below is a picture of a few of the crew.

As we left each person had to turn in their name tags in order to get a USB drive. I of course threw a fit so I could keep my name tag. It actually wasn't that bad. The guy completely understood. The USB's have the USC logo as well as the School of Cinematic Arts logo. COOL!!

I am a USC SCA grad student!!!!

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  1. Hooray! USC Mafia Spring 2009!

  2. Interested in your views on the new building. I do PR for their architect. May I contact you off line? – Steve

  3. I am looking to hire a film student to do a power point presentation on a 1/2 hour reality pitch.
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