Fundraising for “Volcano Girl” on Kickstarter

We're about 30 days into the fundraiser for "Volcano Girl" on Kickstarter and it's steadily moving along.

 Here's a screen grab of our project. Click the photo or click here to go to our Kickstarter page to donate!
Frequently Asked Questions 
1. What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online company created to help fund creative projects by creative people. Users make "pledges" to projects in hopes that they meet their fundraising goals.

2. Why are you raising money? 

We need to make DVDs for "Volcano Girl" and we need to send the film to festivals. Thanks to Volcano Girl's IMAX screening from last summer, we raised enough to send the film to a round of festivals, but more are coming up.

The goal of this fundraiser is to allow the crew to get their names out there in the festival world, and have professional DVDs to send to prospective clients or bosses. We have 33 days to meet that goal. 

3. The movie was done in May 2011, why are you fundraising now?

It took quite awhile to get all of the materials together to start this Kickstarter campaign, plus we are all still students. Preparing for this fundraiser occurred while also preparing for other projects, shooting other films, reading for class, and in my case, trying to find a job for post-graduation.

I'm pretty proud of the video we created! Check it out below:

4. Your Kickstarter page says you have until Feb 26th to raise $2500. What happens if you don't make your goal?  

We have until Feb 26th to raise $2500, or we will not receive ANY of the pledges thus far. It's all or nothing - that's how Kickstarter works! We need to rally with the Kickstarter community to meet our goal, and that's how they maintain their great community environment. We are all creative people trying to support each other in our dreams. 

5. Wait, you mean you may never receive my pledge?

Tis true! If we do not meet our fundraising goal of $2500, then we will not receive any of the donated money, none of the credit cards will be charged, and we will start again at the drawing board trying to raise money to make DVDs and send the film to festivals.

6. I see I get rewards...what does that mean?  

Kickstarter likes to promote community involvement by encouraging the filmmakers (that's us) to provide rewards when a backer (that's you) pledges to donate money to our film. So, in our case, if you give $15, you are listed as a "Fire Starter" on our Volcano Girl website. $45 will get you a DVD; $75 will get you a sponsorship opportunity; $100 gets you a phone call from the director and so forth. We even have a reward ($500) where you can get your very own Volcano Girl mask!

7. How can I help?

Share our campaign with your network. Tell them how awesome the Volcano Girl crew is to the filmmaking world and how we need your support to continue our goals in this industry!

And if that doesn't work - let your friends know if they donate $45, then they will receive a DVD that only a few people in the world will own. I think that's pretty cool 🙂

And just for fun-- scan the photo below (they're QR Codes). Click on the photo to make it larger and scan one individual box.

Designed by my awesome little bro -- Ryan Berst. He likes science.

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