Friday Night Fright production day 1

This past weekend was the 2nd round of films in our 508 semester (2nd semester). It was my turn as Director.

My film, "Friday Night Fright," is a horror/comedy. I wrote the film over this past summer and began pre-production in mid-September.

Here's the log line: With his parents gone, Andy is finally left alone to watch his favorite late night horror show, "Friday Night Fright." But in tonight's episode, Andy is not the only one doing the watching.

(this is where you say dun dun dunnnn)

We shot the TV portion of the film first and are shooting the scenes with the little boy this upcoming weekend.

This is our set. The set designer, Lia Lopez, turned an ordinary 3 wall room into a gorgeous motel. Our lighting crew, Zak Ettlinger and Rusty Beaman, with the guidance of the Director of Photography, Karen Corneille, turned our set into a 50s black and white masterpiece. Carolyn Corbett, the producer/sound recordist, gave us the best atmosphere a crew could ask for.

Photo: Desmond Reich

Here is a photo of Erika Rankin - The Damsel, Bill Suplee - The Killer, and me, Ashley Maria - the Director, working on the famous murder scene. I was throwing my hands up to show her how I wanted her to throw her hands up and just scream her heart out. She gave me 9 takes without backing down. She was amazing. And Bill, he was so professional in his stabbing. The footage looks fantastic!

Photo: Desmond Reich

We all had fun that day, joked around, and got every shot we needed. Truly the best situation any director could ask for!

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  1. Sam

    Very interesting. How’s it going convincing Morgan Freeman to do the voice-over. And when do I get to see this?