First festival for Friday Night Fright

The cover of the program for the Southern California Business Film Festival.

"Friday Night Fright" was featured in "The Best Student Short Films of 2010" category.

"Friday Night Fright" screened at the Southern California Business Film Festival in February. I was able to attend the awards ceremony and we won, "Best Female Actress Runner Up" for Erika Rankin's performance as "Vivian." It was very exciting walking up on stage and accepting the award on her behalf. She received a certificate and a free photoshoot with a local photographer. I am so proud of her!

Outside the festival. All of the films screened in the afternoon. Then we had a reception followed by the awards ceremony.

Inside the theater where "Friday Night Fright" screened. I am awaiting the awards!

Click here for a press release about the event.

It's very exciting adding this award to the promotional materials for "Friday Night Fright." I have sent the film to many festivals, and I will update as soon as I hear back!


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