Earthquake in Los Angeles!

Last night in Los Angeles Land, there was a MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE!!!

Not really a massive earthquake, but I don't think I'll ever get used to that earth randomly shaking.

So for those of you who don't really know what it's like to experience an earthquake, here is some help. 

Think about all those times when someone dropped a couch near you as you watched Price is Right. Or your drunk friend ran into the wall as you were asleep. Or that time your upstairs neighbor fell from something, and you waited a few moments hoping you would hear them stand back up, so you didn't have to run up and check on them. Think of those times. What, that hasn't happened to you? Hmmm. Let me try this again....

Ask a trusted friend, who thinks it's cool to do weird favors, ask them to shake your bed as you lie in it for like a minute. As you lie there, you'll first think "wow, this is funky." THEN you'll think "wow, this has been going on for a little longer than I expected." THEN you'll think "wow, this is awkward, why is Joey so willing to do this for me?" But once you hit that super awkward "my bed is still shaking" moment, then you'll know how it feels to wake up in an earthquake. It just shakes the room for an awkward amount of time.

The earthquake did go on long enough for me to think "wait, should I do something?" Luckily it stopped at the decision making time. Phew!

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