Earthquake in Los Angeles

Today I felt my first earthquake while living in Los Angeles.

I usually sleep through them but last night was a big one! I woke up at 4am with my entire room shaking. My bed was shaking, my cabinet was shaking and I'm pretty sure a frame or two is now sideways. I had my window open and heard everything outside as well. Very eerie. Moments after the shaking, car alarms went off and dogs were barking. I'm pretty sure babies were crying and giant lizards were pounding through the streets...but I think that part was in my head.

I of course jumped online to see if what I felt was the real thing. My friend Dave had already posted how there was an earthquake, and then my roommate posted right after him. So I wasn't crazy! "Earthquake" was a trending topic on Twitter and people were freaking out, hoping we were okay. I guess our overwhelming tweets of "Earthquake in Los Angeles" scared the rest of the country!

I texted my roommate "Ahhhhhh." She sent a blank message in return...not sure what that meant...

I continued reading responses and some people's reactions were hilarious. My friend ran outside in her bathrobe. Some got ready for "the big one." And some, like me, just sat there wondering what was going on. Most slept through it and freaked when they saw all of our postings.

I texted my mom who then called me (it was 7am in NC). I told her how freaked out I was. I was supposed to be getting up in a few hours to begin my first day as an intern at Playtone, and I was awake at 4am! We talked briefly and then I tried my hardest to fall asleep. I had a dream I was getting robbed on a continuous bases, so I went to a hardware store and installed locks and cameras. What does that mean??

Anyways, now I can say I have experienced an earthquake. And I'm happy there's social networking, because now I feel like I shared the moment with others!

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