Casting Assistant at Mark Burnett Productions

First Week

This week I began my position as Casting Assistant for Mark Burnett Productions. I work for the television show "Bully Beat Down" and bring in tons of groups a day for the auditions.

Bullies & Beat-Ups

I have had a very entertaining week. The "bullies" are all huge and scary and the "beat-ups" are shy and tiny. It's a really interesting combination. I also find it interesting that these "beat-ups" are able to sit outside on our patio right next to their "bullies." Some of the stories I have heard are absolutely heartbreaking. I ask the "beat-ups" if it's weird to tell us everything this bully did to them and then see them only seconds later. They say it feels weird...and they are only there for the money.

I think a sociologist would have a fun time analyzing these groups of people on our patio.

My Desk

I sit at a desk that looks directly at the groups of people which allows me to see whenever a new group shows up. It unfortunately is quite awkward because we can both see each other. On numerous occasions they come without eating, so they ask me for food. I, of course, have nothing to give them but I do have my own lunch --- which I eat at my own desk --- and they can see me!! I feel so bad!!

The Auditions

I unfortunately cannot give too much information about the audition process. I can tell you a little about what goes through my head, though!

Listening to the stories during the auditions is quite entertaining. I have to admit that I chuckle at some points. One guy tricked his little brother into drinking vodka before his driver's test...and of course the kid had no idea what was going on with his body. That's funny! Some, of course, are absolutely terrible. When I meet those bullies, it's hard for me to be nice to them knowing what they had done to their victims!

And, of course, I always keep in the back of my mind that these stories could be made up. Everyone's out for money and we've already had a few people prove to us they were screwing around. One group of people had the same story for two sorry! Try again!

Life at Mark Burnett Productions

I'm really enjoying my experience at Mark Burnett Productions and I am definitely learning how to cast a reality television show. I'm also really happy I am working in casting for this particular show. The whole casting group I work with have very interesting personalities and all of which make sense for this television show. I think I'm the most "out-of-place" person because I am known as the innocent southern girl...but then I tell them how I wore a bullet-proof vest for my last production assistant job on a repo company reality show...and they see that I can handle these bullies! Our car was attacked, a gun was pulled on us, chairs were thrown toward me ... I can handle some bullies who want to beat up a punching bag!

Food is provided in the kitchen...which was great news for me to hear. I haven't had to spend any money this week because I have been eating food at work and then something small at the end of the day at home. Pretty nice! I am craving a hot meal, though. Can grandma send me some mashed potatoes??

More to come ... Hopefully!!

I know I will be apart of the casting until it is finalized -- should be early July. I hope to be hired on to work on the actual production of the show, but none of those decisions have been made yet. If not, I am returning home in late July to see my family a bit longer before school starts. And yes, living coast to coast is difficult but definitely worth it!

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  1. congrats on the internship, ash! it sounds like major fun~

  2. Matt Kasold

    This sounds awesome! Hope your MFA program goes well.

  3. Hello! Im Nisa from Malaysia. I want to know how to apply for internship at Mark Burnett production. Hope you can give me the email address to send resume or any contact person that I can contact to ask about intership. Thanks. Hope you can email me the info to my email.