Brush fire near the Getty Center

The view of the mountain from the rooftop of Mark Burnett Productions.

The view from Sepulveda Boulevard, right outside of MBP. This road has been completely blocked off by police, and as I write this blog, they are blocking the ramps to this area....I really hope I won't be stuck here! People are joking in the office that we will be evacuated after the Getty Center. I think everyone's a little scared.

I walked over to the gas station on the corner and took a few more pictures. A couple fire trucks passed me as well as some volunteer trucks. There were about 5 helicopters in the sky circling the fire.

Here's a video I made while outside MBP.

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  1. Crazy Fire – ha! Your last 2 posts are about fires in LA… You need to pack a fire survival kit in your car. Mask, fire extinguisher (with instructions), marshmallows, stick.