Ashley Maria IMDB page

My first IMDB page!

I worked on a film last spring, "Get Some" as a production assistant, and they have officially posted themselves on IMDB -- the Internet Movie Database.

Student films usually get an IMDB credit page if their films are accepted into festivals, and I am assuming this is how "Get Some" got their credit. Even though I helped out on the film, I do not keep up with where the film goes. Only the director and producer are in charge of sending out the film and the key players on the film (the director, producer, editor, director of photography) are involved in the festival process. The director gives IMDB their list of crew and people's pages are mine!

As you look at the page, you'll notice it asks if I want to post a photo. If I wanted a photo and resume, I believe I have to pay about $20 bucks a month. At this moment, I cannot afford that! Sorry IMDB!!

One thing that's kinda cool -- since I've posted my "Ashley Maria" IMDB page, I have had friends clicking on my page. This increases my "popularity" and now I am up 2,269% in popularity ... Tom Cruise on the other hand? He is down 1% in popularity ... beat that Tom!!

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