Ashley “Lights Out” Maria (copyright 2012)

Can you BELIEVE I forgot to mention that I was given a new nickname while on the set of "Fighter's Chance??" Read about my experience on the set here and then please come back and read about how I got the name "Lights Out."


You back? Cool.

So, during that epic Chick-Fil-A visit (the one when I learned about Evander's name "Real Deal"), I was also given the nickname "Lights Out."

Producer 2, who is also the writer of the film, decided I needed a nickname like Evander's. We all thought for a second and then he very quickly said "Ashley - Lights Out - Maria." Evander laughed, did a little celebratory clap, and there was my name. It was official.

For the rest of the shoot, everyone called me "Lights Out." Evander would walk into the room and just yell "LIGHTS OUT!!!" And then I would turn and yell "WHAT?" And then it would turn into a staring contest and usually ended with me getting Evander some cranberry juice or something.

Crew would say over the walkie "Hey Lights Out, what's your 20?" (meaning, "Hey Ashley, where are you?") The Executive Producers jokingly almost wrote my check out to "Lights Out." It was a good time.

I felt super cool to have a boxing nickname. But Evander did tell me a certain boxer already had the nickname "Lights Out" - James Toney.

This is the part where I should joke and say "I don't know, James doesn't look very tough." BUT after working with Evander for a week, I have no desire to even pretend to challenge a boxer. Nope. I will stick to my own punching bag at home. (Yes, I have my own punching bag...) 

Who do you think should have the name "Lights Out?"

James "Lights Out" Toney VS Ashley "Lights Out" Maria 
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