Apartment hunting in LA

It's time.

It's time for me to get my own place. And be an adult. And have my own wine rack.

So I have started my apartment search. I would like to stay in the Los Feliz area if only to remain within walking distance of Public House...they have good beer.

So far I have talked about alcohol twice...is that bad? 

I'm looking at studio apartments and 1 bedrooms and am experiencing a strong internal struggle. Do I want a studio and everyone sees where I sleep; but I pay less rent and live in a better location? Or do I live further away in a 1 bedroom but have to drive everywhere? The costs are actually quite similar. The closer you are to the town of Los Feliz, the more expensive the apartments. A studio will be the cost of a 1 bedroom further from the center town.

Yes, this is my internal struggle.

Plus...I'm graduating in December (hopefully?). And I feel this sense of limbo. Will I have a job after graduation? Will it be in a part of town that is super far from Los Feliz; and, therefore, I will be pissed that I didn't wait to move? Or maybe I will be unemployed for months and can't afford the $900 month that I can afford now? Yes... $900/month for rent in Los Angeles for a studio... deal with it. It's expensive here.

So these are my struggles. As always, good problems to have!

And now, an apartment hunting story... 

Yesterday I was walking along Alexandria in Los Feliz calling "For Rent" apartment managers. A few said they had no vacancy and one told me they would call me back. Let's call them "Buggy." You'll know why soon enough...

So Buggy called me back while I was in a meeting and offered a number to arrange a walk through of an apartment. Forgetting which apartments I called, I decided to walk by Buggy's apartment building to remind myself.

As I walked by, a guy about my age was throwing trash outside and didn't look too happy. I asked him if he was living in the Buggy apartment building. He said he was living there, but he was moving out that very day. I asked why... Apparently he moved in only the 15th of October and in those 2 weeks, the apartment building had sprayed pesticides flaring up his allergies, and he found bed bugs in his place. So Buggy was very buggy.

He told me that he actually met someone moving out as he was moving in who warned him. But he shrugged it off and moved in anyways. So needless to say he did not recommend this place to me nor could he recommend the management.

That guy had been through some stuff...I could see it in his face!

As I was walking away he said "I mean, give it a shot if you want to."

I said, "No...I'm good."

Dodged a bullet on that one...thanks Buggy apartment tenant!!


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  1. Amy

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