A letter to Shonda Rhimes

With the new fall television season upon us and with it an uncertain future to "Grey's Anatomy" thanks to contract negotiations with their lead actors, I just wanted to tell one of my favorite writers and the creator of "Grey's Anatomy," Shonda Rhimes, just how much I care about her work.

Here we go... 

Dear Ms. Rhimes (Can I call you Shonda?),

I have followed Meredith and friends since Episode One. I even loved the musical episode.

I started watching Grey's Anatomy when I was in college. My roommate was studying to be a doctor and I was studying to be a filmmaker. I recall one scene where a patient's insides literally plopped onto the floor. My roommate and I both freaked out -- I thought "how did they shoot that??" And she thought, "how are they going to fix that??" Two worlds combined...Ms. Rhimes. 

I Just Watch

I also must admit that I cry...every...single...episode. Even when people are happy... ESPECIALLY when people are happy! I think to myself "oh, they're such good friends!"

It's like a cleansing of the week when I watch Grey's. I let all of my emotions go as well as my "film school critiques" and just watch. The moments are more sincere because these characters are so real. Ms. Rhimes... Are these characters based on people in your own life? 

To have a TV show that truly takes your audience away from their world for 1 hour is an accomplishment by any means.

That's my dream as a filmmaker - to create a world that just takes my audience away for a few hours, minutes, moments. 

"my person"

I use the term "my person" now to describe those people in our lives who are meant to be there no matter what. That "soul mate friendship." Meredith and Christina are each other's "persons." How did you come up with/discover that term? 

As relationships grew over those first few years of Grey's, I saw myself in them and I saw my friends.

Grey's characters are similar to my friends who are living this crazy filmmaker life with me, and we do whatever we can to support each other. We're not as dramatic as these characters...but similarly stressed? Friends like the ones portrayed in Grey's are hard to find and hard to hold onto while lives change left and right. Grey's portrays those relationships, and why they're worth fighting for.

As I prepare for graduation from USC film school, I need to focus on the relationships I have made while in the film program. I can't disown them just because our worlds are changing. These friends are worth fighting for. 

Here's my favorite scene from the musical Grey's episode. I remember literally scheduling my week so I could run home and watch this episode.  I was balling in my living room as I watched this particular scene!

My Final Question to you Ms. Rhimes: My writing professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts was Mark Shepherd and he claims Dr. Shepherd was named after him... is this true?? He IS great!

Thanks for reading my "Letter to Shonda Rhimes!" Maybe she'll receive this letter and read how much her fans (well one fan) care about her work.


5 Responses

  1. Lorella van der Hooft

    you don’t know me, but this is a such great letter! I totally agree with you! I hope there is a big future for you in the film making world!

  2. Thank you so much! Shonda was able to read the letter today and she said “it made her day.” I hope one day to have a dialogue with my audience like she has with hers!


  3. Anonymous

    I love this letter its so true ! I totally agree with the “person” and “soulmate” terms. I tell my best friend every week that we have that same exact friendship that Meredith and Christina have.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you, for expressing what I’ve aslo been feeling, ever since the first season.

    (It really is a wonder how much I agree with you, especially for the “The Story” scene !)

    For the truthfullness of the show, and the way it makes you forget your everyday troubles, even for 42 minutes !

  5. Ophélie

    Hey, you don’t know me but your letter is awesome and I hope Shonda received it. I’m totally agree with you :). Long live GA !
    Regards from France