So it finally happened. And we all wanted it to happen the day we WEREN'T working. Mainly because the entire day is purely Bonds...

I had to work on Best of Mike & Mike today. I came in at 7:45am, like always. Except I was unaware of his new title as the Homerun King. It happened at 11:45pm the night before so of course I was asleep. When I woke up this morning I turned nothing on so as to not wake the roomies, and rocked out to the iPod all the way to work. Still not knowing of Bonds...

When I went into the Digital Center I sat down, signed on to the computer and turned on the tv. I changed the channel to Mike & Mike and that's when I heard it. Luckily I knew the guys around me, so when I screamed out "What?" they didn't laugh too hard. I wasn't the only one who discovered this until they got to work. Hey, atleast my job is sports.

I felt like I truly joined everyone in this experience. I've never been a real baseball fan. I'm more a fan of the roasted almonds and hot dogs. But this summer I've learned a lot more about the sport.

I was saddened when Barry Bonds beat Hank Aaron's record because Hank Aaron was a name I knew. A name that I grew up with - the Homerun King. It will feel weird to know someone else surpassed him. Especially with the possible steroids use. If he were found guilty in 2001 (still only accused), it wouldn't matter. So is his record still tainted? The use of steroids is now illegal, but not before. Should those previous homeruns count?

It's unfortunate that this great thing in baseball happened and some won't accept it. It will be hard for the fans to allow Bonds to be the King. There are too many variables against him.

And that was all ESPN today. Nothing else but Bonds.

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