Production Sound

Sound for TV and Film productions

Ashley Maria is also hired to capture sound for film and television productions. From pre-production planning to budget requirements and location sound mixing, Ashley works with film crews to deliver the best sound possible.

Her preparation and attention to detail insures less work in post-production and less ADR.


[adult swim] This Is the End on Vimeo.

The perfect audio bag: Ashley brings her own sound equipment with her to set. Depending on the job, she will have with her the items needed for a day’s worth of recording: a field mixer | recorder | microphone | boom | wireless lavaliers | cables | batteries | headphones | chargers.

Ashley's audio equipment list: click here.

Sound services contact info:
sound (at); +1-323-577-9084

Rentals/Pricing: Ashley will work with you to determine what additional equipment you may need to record the best quality sound possible. She will also help to organize and manage all rentals. Please contact Ashley for information on pricing for your project.