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Ashley Maria blogs about her views of movie-making and her life as a filmmaker.

I am a USC film student

After today's event, I truly feel like I am a USC film student.Today was the dedication of the George Lucas/Steven Spielberg buildings as well as a Welcome Back Reception.Steven Spielberg BuildingGeorge Lucas BuildingAt 2pm Barb and I arrived in our fabulous dresses and mingled our way to find more grad students in our program. One…
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USC orientation!!

Okay since I'm so far behind on posting for this past week...thanks to the lack of a camera charger...I will get back to my stories of the road trip later.USC Orientation!!!I woke up this morning at 7am. Oh wait... let me start from the beginning...Last night we were getting our lives finalized for an awesome…
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Why I hate DVDs

I was so proud of myself. I had mastered DVD making. Or so I thought...Take 1: General College Premiere in December. I made DVDs using the Toast Program. They didn't play in regular DVD players or if they did, they jumped every 6 seconds. So I decided to make one that works!Take 2: Eric Ellington…
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