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Ashley Maria – Movie Database

Ashley Maria is a filmmaker known for her work as a writer and director for feature and short films, as well as immersive 360 video. To view Ashley Maria’s official IMDb page: click here.

Pioneers in Skirts™ – Writer/DirectorPioneers in Skirts logo

Status: in post-production. Pioneers in Skirts is a documentary feature film that follows Ashley Maria’s journey of understanding the unique obstacles women face in their careers. She brings the data and the stories together in order to start real conversations about the setbacks women face, and how we all can help women, like Ashley, reach their full potential in their careers.

Every Sunday Doritos Competition – Writer/Director

Commercial. Superstition is strong in this family. Every Sunday this brother and sister have it out – in the name of winning!

LF Musical

Los Feliz: A Musical – Writer/Director

Short musical. Made for the New Urbanism Film Festival Filmmaking Challenge in less than a week. No, seriously.


Modern Homemakers – Director

Short comedy analyzing gender norms in one couple’s relationship

camp off

Camp Off – Co-Director

Feature length comedy with the Young Actors Camp.

BPW historical film

BPW Women: A History, A Movement – Director/Co-Writer

Short documentary. An American historical film, BPWs around the globe screen the film at their conferences, events, new member orientations, etc. The film features longtime BPW members who share the struggles and triumphs of the organization.

The Moonlighters Video Game Teaser – Director

Crowdfunding short. A 5 min fundraising video highlighting video features in a narrative environment.


J.U.i.C.E. – Co-Director

Short documentary. Following the Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy (J.U.i.C.E.) organization of Los Angeles.

Breakfast – Writer/Director

Action short. Cowboy standoff; 7 min

Volcano Girl the Movie

Volcano Girl – Director

Super hero action/comedy short; 13 min.

Logline: Fighting super villains is easy. Losing your superhero job, moving back home and sharing a bathroom with your little sister? Now that’s hard.

Sprint Epic Movie Competition – Writer/Director


Super Egos – Director

Super hero comedy short; 6 min

Stargazing – Director

Drama short; 6 min 


Friday Night Fright™ – Writer/Director

Thriller/comedy short; 6 min

Logline: With his parents finally gone, Andy is left alone to watch his favorite late night horror show, ‘Friday Night Fright.’ But – in tonight’s episode, Andy is not the only one doing the watching.

Winner of the DGA Minority and Women Student Film award. DGA (Directors Guild of America) awards are designed to honor, encourage and bring attention to outstanding directors in film schools and select universities across the United States.

STUCK – Writer/Director

Comedy w/stop-motion animation short; 6 min

Gardenia – Writer/Director

Drama short; 7 min