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Volcano Girl

A comedic superhero short film

Logline: Fighting super villains is easy. Losing your superhero job, moving back home and sharing a bathroom with your little sister? Now that’s hard.

Learn more at the Volcano Girl IMDb page.

Full of visual effects (VFX) and live action stunts, Volcano Girl was Ashley’s thesis film while attending the University of Southern California’s Master’s program in Cinematic Arts.

Volcano Girl is about a super hero who loses her job and has to move back in with her parents. Funny? YES!

When Volcano Girl is unmasked as a superhero, she’s forced to move back in with her parents. Back home, Volcano Girl — Virginia Patterson — struggles with her new life: sharing a room with a bratty sister, no job prospects and out-of-touch friends.

But when Virginia comes to realize that she may actually like being home, her arch-nemesis Radian turns up to take it all away.