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2015 is the last year we’ll be in production. There’s a lot to be done and we need supporters to circle their wagons!! All supporters and sponsors get their name in the credits of the film. Some sponsors get their own title page, depending on the level of support.

There Are 4 Ways To Support The Film

1Partner With Us!

We have the content, you want to benefit from our audience — let’s talk. We’ll work with you to develop a targeted social media campaign that not only benefits the mission of the film, but also benefits your outreach goals.

We are looking for select companies to partner with us for a multi-tiered marketing campaign. Are you a company that would like to positively impact today’s working woman as well as the next generation workforce? Would you like to build your reputation as an organization that looks ahead and is prepared to evolve into the workplace of the future?

We are looking for select educational institutions to partner with us for a multi-tiered marketing campaign. Are you a university that would like to positively impact your students and the students coming behind them?

Email our marketing team at: PioneersInfo[@]

A joint campaign will help you to:

  • form new relationships with prospects and partners
  • build rapport with your audience
  • stand out in a crowd of competitors
  • relate your organization with a positive experience that will drive up awareness for your brand
  • instigate media exposure

2Help In A Corporate Way!

Why don’t you show your corporate goodwill by supporting a film that will make an impact for women today, and tomorrow. Associate yourself with this meaningful and timely film! Whatever your motivation is, we appreciate having you in our corner! We look forward to speaking to you about our mutual benefit from your support! Please contact us at: PioneersInfo[@]

3Help By Giving In-Kind And Location Donations!

We’ve been shooting since 2012, and during 2015 we’ll be finalizing on our Expert and Character production shots. And when we’re near the end of the year, we need to prep for launch and promotion. We sure could use some help!

  1. Technology like external hard drives and CF cards
  2. Gift cards such as gas cards, restaurant, grocery, etc.
  3. Airline tickets, transfer airline miles
  4. Hotel and car rentals
  5. Design, web design and hosting services

4Help By Making A Tax Deductible Donation!

DonateThe making of Pioneers in Skirts depends on individuals, foundations and businesses to support the film! The easiest way for YOU to make your tax deductible donation is online with a credit card.

Also, as part of the Pioneers in Skirts donations effort, we offer a short documentary film to women’s groups around the globe. Called BPW: A History A Movement, organizations pay via 1donation to screen the BPW film — a movie that demonstrates how a legacy group changed the world for working women, and continues to do so into the future. Interested in screening the BPW film? Click here to find out how!

Donate now!

Pioneers in Skirts Documentary is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Pioneers in Skirts Documentary must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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