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BPW History Film Screenings

Showings of Business and Professional Women: A History, A Movement™

Interested in holding your very own “BPW: A History, A Movement” screening? Email Ashley Maria to learn more!

Business and Professional Women: A History, A Movement – Trailer from Ashley Maria on Vimeo.

March 2014: During National Women’s History Month

March 8 – OBX International Women’s Day Celebration
March 11 – BPW/Virginia Dare Women’s History Month
March 17 – Nashville, NC Library
March 18 – Washington D.C. at the Navy Memorial

During 2013

Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre at Marbles - Raleigh, NC

Award winning director Ashley Maria premiered her documentary Business and Professional Women: A History, A Movement October 2013 at the Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre at Marbles in downtown Raleigh, NC!

“I am excited to kick off National Business Women’s Week with this film,” says Ashley Maria, the films creator, director and producer.

“This short documentary tells the progressive history of the Business & Professional Women’s Club, a nonprofit devoted to supporting and educating working women.”


Screening At IMAX

Photos: Camden Watts Roessler

When: October 2013
Where: Wells Fargo IMAX Theatre at Marbles


Prior to the screening, film-goers purchased lunch at the new Pogo restaurant (at IMAX) before the screening. When they said, “I love BPW” and they received a free brownie for dessert!


Panel at IMAXWe held a panel discussion after the screening featuring Ashley Maria, several of the film’s interviewees and other local professional women.


(click here for details about the post-screening panel)

The panel, the discussion topic:

How does today’s working woman maintain the forward momentum achieved over the past 100 years?… and with so much advancement with the working women’s movement, do we still need this kind of organization?


This event was filmed to capture footage for the feature length documentary, “Pioneers in Skirts,” directed by Ashley Maria. This feature length film focuses on the need for support for all working women and their continue forward momentum in the workplace.

BPW/NC State Convention – Greensboro, NC

A private screening was held for the state membership during the Business and Professional Women of North Carolina annual convention.

NC BPW Convention 2013